What We Do

Here at Thrift-A-Lot we strive to bring the people excellent customer service while supporting are mission of a better value on quality product. We aim to create you the best in marketplace while being able to support the charity’s you love and make money for yourself while doing so. Entrepreneurs built this world you see today the hardest step is the first idea for most people with our marketplace the idea is done for everyone how you choose to use this tool is up to you. Thrift-A-Lot is free to sign up and always will be.

Sell Shoes Make Cash

Make a difference, spend 2 minutes or less listing your old lightly used shoes and help someone els in need regain the confidence to rebuild life in society again. Your feet are the most important part of the human body. Just about half a billion of people go without shoes every year living barefoot damaging there feet. With just over 300 million pairs of shoes being thrown out to the waist every year we can dramatically reduces those numbers.


Coming Soon

to inquire about this or become a early seller you can message us at ThriftChat.com