Help stop world poverty

Every year around the world more then half a billion people live in poverty.

Start saving-A-lot

What is thrift-A-lot?

It's simple: Connect your exsiting online store to thriftmaps or create one now, be seen by a selected group of people interested in thrifting. Help them find you on the thriftalot search engine and increase your brands visiblity to help increase sales and grow your clientele.

The Benefits Of thrifting

When you buy thrift it’s more then a value on a piece you want and love, its supporting a cause to bring world change in a positive way. In today’s world we throw out more then 300 million pairs of shoes and 14 million tons of cloths to the waste each year. We believe that together we can prevent many world problems. Starting with a good price.

Our Promise To You

Don’t let price be any indication of quality. We are confident in exceeding your customer expectations. Are promise to you is that we will always fight to help stop poverty and always put you first. We are dedicated to world change and will never stop fighting to bring the people a beautiful, easy, thrifting experience. Our job is to create a new and an innovative way to thrift online. Your job is to always have a worry free experience on quality and price.

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